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This three month online course will Equip you, Teach you and Launch you to be the Kingdom Warrior God designed you to be We will go in depth to find what God placed inside of you to "war" with" and develop your "it" so you are Ready for Battle! It is time for the Kingdom Warrior inside of you to ARISE, ACCEPT the CALL and MOVE FOREWARD!

Teaching Topics:

*Who Are You?

*Prayers that destroys the kingdom of darkness

*What's on your spiritual tool belt?

*Monthly zoom conference calls 

..........and much much more. Get registered today so the Kingdom Warrior inside of you will: BE BRAVE! BE BOLD! & BE BLESSED!

After you complete this course the Kingdom Warrior inside of you will ARISE and get into position!

Cost of the course is $285.00



Next Course will begin in 2023! Contact me for details. 


Previous Kingdom Warriors who are BRAVE! BOLD! & BLESSED!

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